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Another Remembrance - Thanksgiving

In thinking about America's National Holiday, Thanksgiving, whose time
is fast approaching, I see that seemingly only Canada celebrates
Thanksgiving. Their date is set at the second Tuesday in October.
President Franklin Roosevelt set the day as the fourth Thursday in
November. The American date wobbled around a bit over the many years
until set into the place it occupies now.  In 'talking' to my Scottish
correspondant through many emails, he only snorts at the idea of
"Thanksgiving" for Britain. I would have thought that Britian would have
celebrated getting rid of its unwanted religionists?  But then, getting
rid of the unwanted to America was something Britian did for any number
of years. For which, I say to our "Mother Country"  - Thank you!
With those "unwanted" we have a strong country with strong citizens. I
will qualify "we" to include all the Sinclairs in the 'New World' from
the top of North America to wherever they may now be on this side of the
Atlantic!  God Bless Us All!  Sally

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