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Re: Remembrance 2001

If you would like to see something of Remembrance Sunday in the UK, there
are photos of our Pipes and Drums on parade at Netley this morning on our
website.  Have a look at the Gallery in our website
http://www.NetleyandHamblePandD.co.uk. Incidentally the band wears the
Ramsay tartan.  Colonel Alexander Ramsay was in command of the Scots at
Kringen in 1612.  I do not have a band kilt yet, so see if you can spot the
tenor drummer in a Hunting Sinclair kilt.

At 1100 hrs, we kept the National 2 minutes silence.  You could see the
memories etched in the faces of the veterans.

When I got home I heard at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, someone held up a
placard "The young are grateful."  So are we all.


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> Tomorrow our Royal British Legion Pipes and Drums will play the local
> veterans to and from the local church at Netley, and at the 11th Hour of
> 11th Day of the 11th Month, we will stand in silence for 2 minutes to
> remember the fallen of the two World Wars and subsequent conflicts, and

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