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Remembrance 2001

Today we held our annual Cross Planting Ceremony in memory of the fallen of
my Regiment, The Royal Scots, at the Field of Remembrance at Westminster
Abbey.  The photographs are now on the website "RoyalsLS", link below.  As
the Regiment for the Lothians which includes Rosslyn, many Sinclairs have
served, and continue to serve in Scotland's oldest regiment, also the oldest
in the British Army. Afterwards a veteran of the 7th/9th Battalion from WWII
told us how true to reality the new Spielberg HBO mini series is
http://www.hbo.com/band/landing/we_stand_alone_together.html.  The Royal
Scots were alongside US troops in the Ardennes in 1944 and his company held
500 yards of front in that bitterly contested fight where both sides
sustained heavy losses.  He recalled his delight that when they were
relieved by US Troops they were offered coffee and doughnuts!  British
troops were lucky then to get one hot meal a day.

Tomorrow our Royal British Legion Pipes and Drums will play the local
veterans to and from the local church at Netley, and at the 11th Hour of the
11th Day of the 11th Month, we will stand in silence for 2 minutes to
remember the fallen of the two World Wars and subsequent conflicts, and
reflect too on the bravery and preparedness of our servicemen in action now,
once more in the defence of freedom and justice for all.

Yours aye



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