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Chris St. Clair just keeps on winning!

Date:  November 7, 2001
To: Cousins, Brothers, and Friends
From: Mel Sinclair

Subject:  Chris St. Clair wins again … and again … and again …

Foothills Scottish Games, Tryon, NC:
My wife Lynne and I, along with our eldest son, Mike, his wife Kim, and our
granddaughter, Kailey, had a very good time on November 3 at the Foothills
Scottish Games, in Tryon, North Carolina, USA. Tryon is nestled in the
foothills of the mountains of Western North Carolina, less than an hour from
our home in Greenville, SC.  This was Tryon’s first attempt at putting on
the Scottish Games and they did a marvelous job.  The event was well
attended on a beautiful, warm, Fall day.

As we were getting settled, we heard the name “Chris St. Clair” over the PA
system.  Our eyes immediately turned to the athletic field.  Chris was
preparing for an event.

A little background:
We first met Chris at the Stone Mt. Highland Games in October.  As you might
recall, Clan Sinclair was the honored clan and Chief Malcolm was the
Chieftain of the Games.  Malcolm and I (as his Standard Bearer) were waiting
to march onto the field for the opening ceremony when Chris happened by and
introduced himself.  We immediately recognized Chris’s name.  His name
appeared in the Program as the overall athletic winner in the amateur
division in 2000 (Stone Mt. Games).  The Chief noted that we must “root
Chris on” to win again!  True to form, Chris was the overall winner this

With Malcolm as Chieftain of the Games, Clan Sinclair the Honored Clan, and
Chris winning such honors … well, it was even more special to be associated
with our noble Clan.

More about Chris St. Clair:
Chris St. Clair has been competing in the Highland Games for about 4 years.
He began at the Tallahassee, Florida Highland Games (formerly Monticello HG)
and has been competing ever since as an amateur. He hopes to make his debut
as a professional athlete next year.

He has won a number of games since he first started, including the East
Coast Championships two times, US Caber Tossing championships at Culloden,
Florida State Championships, Loch Norman Highland Games, Jasper Highland
Games, Waxhaw Highland Games, and has competed in the US Championships in
Pleasonton, CA the last two years.

He has also been a member of a team consisting of the top 5 athletes in the
south for the North vs. South competition.  This year he will be the captain
of the South team.

Chris has also been a two-time member of the US Amateur team competing
against the top amateur athletes from Scotland; once in Orlando, FL and last
summer in Newtonmore, Scotland. While in Scotland, he competed in the
Dornoch Games and also the World Caber Championships in Montrose.

Chris teaches World History and Civics at Myers Park High School in
Charlotte, NC.  He has lived in Charlotte for the past 2 years. He earned a
BA degree in History and a MA degree in Education at Florida State
University. While at Florida State University, he played for the FSU rugby
football club and was captain for over a year.

Chris is from Safety Harbor, FL.  His parents, brother and sister-in-law all
reside in Boise, ID.

Chris St. Clair is a very nice, talented and obviously goal oriented young
man that we should all be proud of.  Let’s give Chris hearty congratulations
on a job well done and our wishes for a great future.  Chris, we’re proud of

Oh, one more bit of information.  Chris was the overall winner at the
Foothills Scottish Games in Tryon, NC.

You may reach Chris via email at:

Mel Sinclair
Clan Sinclair, USA, Inc.
Commissioner, NC and SC

The Sinclair Group, Mel Sinclair, President
The Human Resource Solutions Company
224 Bransfield Rd., Suite 100
Greenville, SC  29615
Tele. 864-268-3550; Fax 864-322-5646
Email: thesinclairgroup@home.com
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