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Re: I have a question

Hi Debbie,
Came across your question a little late, but I have set and woven the green 
Hunting tartan. It is a background of Bottle Green, with Black, Navy Blue, 
Scarlet and White in the sett. My grandfather Andrew W. who was a weaver 
and tailor, gave me the explanation that the modern sett, which I was 
using, was due to the Aniline dyes developed in Victorian times and the 
Ancient was colored with herbal dyes. I prefer the colors of the Ancient 
but it was very hard to match in modern wools.

I've never tackled the red but there is no grey wool in it. The grey tone 
is the crossing over of the warp and the weft in black and white. There is 
no yellow in any Sinclair tartan.
Jean Stokes.

>IDL64@aol.com wrote:
> >        Dear Debbie,
> >
> >        The Red Sinclair is mainly red with black, blue, and I believe gray.
> > The hunting is green, blue, black, with a little red.  I do not have any
> > before me, so I may be off a little.  The ancient and modern vary in
> > intensity of the colours.  I am sure someone can describe them better 
> than I.
> >

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