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Re: I have a question

       Dear Debbie,

       The Red Sinclair is mainly red with black, blue, and I believe gray.  
The hunting is green, blue, black, with a little red.  I do not have any 
before me, so I may be off a little.  The ancient and modern vary in 
intensity of the colours.  I am sure someone can describe them better than I.

       The flag is black and white, as is the shield with the engrailed 
cross.  It is easy to identify the Sinclairs when they wear the little shield 
pins that the Society sells.  I learned from Rory that in Canada they have a 
small red maple leaf in the center of the engrailed cross.

       I hope this helps.  Check the Library for a book of Clans.  Almost all 
show the Sinclair tartan and the Hunting tartan.

       Best wishes,

       Ivan of Trafalgar