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On Louisa Sinclair

Louisa Sinclair was a Lady!  As such she would probably have married
into her own class, NW territory or not. Meaning there would have been
servants to do 99% of the work and probably nursemaids and govenesses to
take over the children (if they lived). Arthur Sinclair (1st generation
here) married Suzannah Phillips of Halifax Co, VA. She was lady. She may
have directed the housekeeper what she wanted done, but she had more
leisure that helping her husband in his business and merchant/agent. His
son, Arthur, married a lady (Sarah Skipwith Kennon), who I can assure
you, because I have been reading her letters was a lady and managed the
servants, including having to move away from the Norfolk area during the
British occupation during the 1812 war and back again afterwards.
Arthur was at sea either in the Atlantic during the Quasi-War or on the
Lakes 1812-14. Various family members visited her and stayed at the
house in Williamsburg during that time. His son Arthur married a lady
and she did the same, finally losing home(to the Federal forces who
burned the house down) and husband who drowned when his ship foundered
in the Mersey River, January 1865. By then, her children were married
and gone. Their son Arthur after the war went to Baltimore to live. His
older sister Elizabeth married William Conway Whittle, who may have been
in Virginia after being 'put on the beach' so to speak after being held
partially responsible for the loss of New Orleans. She had died and her
son Arthur Sinclair Whittle with her of a yellow fever epidemic in
Norfolk some time earlier and he moved to Botetourt Co, VA.

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