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Battle of Kringen 1612

Niven has sent me a letter from a Berserker! The gentleman in question is a member of a group bearing old Norwegian traditions, and has knowledge of the Battle of Kringen.  Included are a map of the route taken by Colonel Sinclair and his company in 1612 and the music for the "Sinclair March".  I have entered both on "The 1612 Battle" page of www.SinclairsClub.net .  I have also attempted to put the first part of the tune into pipe music, using Electric Pipes.  This can be heard with the trial programme which can be downloaded at a link I have provided on the page.  I am just starting out on the Bagpipes and the skilled pipers on this list will be able to make immeasurably more of this than I.  It sounds to me a bit like "Steam Train to Mallaig", made popular in Otta by the Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band.  It also, to my imagination, suddenly cuts out, as Colonel Sinclair's life was extinguished by the bullet, moulded from a silver button, fired by Berdon Sejelstad, that fatal 26th August in 1612.

Yours aye