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Re: Charles Patton

>Dear All,

A new loss to add to our Calendar. Charles Patton, husband of Winifred 
Jessie Sinclair (dec) died at 11.30 pm Australian Eastern standard time 
16/10/01.,aged 98. He was born in Edinburgh and came to Australia between 
the wars. An engineer by training and very gifted with his hands. He was 
still driving his car (licensed to drive to 104) at 96. Not much vision nor 
hearing but proud and independent.
  On behalf of Clan Sinclair Australia , the Committee  wishes to send 
their  sympathy to his family, Craig Sinclair Patton, Jean 
Elizabeth  Sharp, Duncan Patton and their partners and families. His eldest 
daughter Margaret Patton Trask died many years ago.

>    1216: King John d.,
>    [2]King of England dies.
>    1685: Edict of Nantes Revoked, Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes,
>    causing half a million Huguenots to emigrate to England, Prussia,
>    Holland, and America. Source: Encyclopedia Britannica
>    1. http://sinclair.quarterman.org/timeline.html
>    2. http://www.angelfire.com/de/BobSanders/TIME1.html

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