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Re: what should we do?

Dear Connie,

very well spoken!!!!

I do agree totally!!


Steve & Connie Sinclair - Cordis wrote:
> Dear Mel,
> You asked, in response to the MLK quote, what I would do. I sure don't have an easy answer. I would like to see us address some of the concerns that the Muslim people are so angry about, despite the terrible, terrible way bin Laden chose to act on this anger. I think we should re-evaluate the sanctions against Iraq; I think we should do more to promote a fair peace in the Middle East. Maybe a world summit in which everyone must participate (worldwide economic sanctions would be a powerful incentive; also knowing that your country's concerns are the concerns of the whole) in order to hear problems as perceived by less powerful countries who are reduced to terrorism (as well as the large ones!). Maybe a think tank of individuals from around the world who are experts in problem-solving.
> Maybe these ideas are terribly nieve, and none would work- I don't know. I know these problems are terribly complex and many have ancient roots- they are almost the definition of the human condition. But I think that we must try. And, even if none of these would work and we are completely stalled and don't know what to do, I would not want to be bombing a country for lack of a better response.
> My family was on its way to the capitol when the Pentagon was hit. My 8 and 9 year old children are still scared for their own safety- it was very frightening for them- and for me. I feel for the Afghan mothers, and the Israeli mothers, and the Iraq mothers, all of whom worry for their children's safety. We should be working in a larger way for peace and safety for all the children, the husbands, the grandparents, the aunts, the mothers, everyone should not have to be afraid.
> Thank you for asking,
> Connie Sinclair
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