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Re: "President Arthur St.Clair" message - is it dinkum?

At 14:08 12/10/2001 EDT, Glenn wrote:

>  Carnegie   , Pennsylvania (Pa. ) is bordered next to Pittsburgh, Pa.
>Named for Andrew Carnegie the steel baron . As i live in a suburb of (Pgh.) 
>(Pa.) U.S.A. & travel through Carnegie daily i can tell you it does exist
>it certainly isnt a tourist mecca , but the people that live there are kind 
>of fond of the place !

Many thanks, Glenn.

I must admit at this point to "baiting" the list somewhat in my previous

My main "beef" over all was with Mr. Stanley L. Klos ("Virtualology.com") 
- I really hoped that he might learn something if he monitored the list!  I
think it rude of him to send that message without first introducing himself
to me (remember he sent it _directly_ to those who received it, not through
the list, although that must be where he obtained the addresses from)

Anyone who knows not where PA is after the goings on over the last month
would have to have their head in the sand so to speak.


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia
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