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Re: sending letters to military

Dear Jennie,
   So you are in Wisconsin. I can't remember whether we have communicated
about our ancestors yet???   I wonder whether we come from the same St.
Clair line?  My Joshua St. Clair and siblings Leonard, Joseph and Abigail
St. Clair (Casper) were children of John Sinkler and Abigail Clark from NH
to ME, NY, PA, OH.  They had 12 kids
My Joshua got to Southern WI around 1845.

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Hi...I just thought I would share with you this information that our local
television station is promoting here in Wisconsin...I would also like to
hear from anyone else in any other country and/or state who has the same
type of information for their military personnel  or their area, so that we
can write to them also since they are in this with us.  I will be writing

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