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My my! and months ago I asked our dear colleagues Leena and Niven if my
Clerk relatives ever intermarried with the Sinclairs??!! (actually some they
did) Now, I have definite proof: forget my Visigothic French origins ('bern
hari = guardian of Ursus) -> based on these character traits, I am
definitely Scottish!!!:-))


on 02/10/2001 17:41, DSinc39156@aol.com at DSinc39156@aol.com wrote:

> I not quite sure about genetic predisposition's, HOWEVER, there are many many
> personality traits that we seem to have.
> 1. You're not afraid of confrontation.
> 2. Your spouse and/or coworkers know when to leave you alone.
> 3. People misunderstand your honesty as bluntness.
> 4. You have little time for chitchat or idle talk.
> 5. Short temper is a relative thing.
> 6. As our "Little Saint" says, "We are a bloody minded group."
> Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis

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