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Dear Niven:

I was wondering if you have yet had a chance to view my website ...


Although my May 2000 Fortean Times article "Reader of the Lost Stone" is
sadly just a much-condensed version of the article I sent to you in June
of last year, I have added some very interesting endnotes about
subsequent developments concerning my translations of the inscribed
stone at Temple as it relates to Prince Henry's 14th-century voyage of
discovery to America, and will continue to update the site as more

I've so far only announced the site to the Sinclair discussion group,
although I may soon try to link up with other sites of that ilk.  In the
past couple of days I've had upwards of 30 "hits" on the site, so I'm
sure that there are quite a few clan members besides myself who would be
very interested and appreciative of your thoughts on a train of research
that relates so closely to a theory that has been near and dear to you
for so long.  Tim's too, of course.

All Best!


PS: No rush.  I know you are busy.

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