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Thomas Jefferson was not the only US President with both Royal and Sinclair

American Presidents with Sinclair Blood

Jefferson had Sinclair on both paternal and maternal lines.  The Paternal
lines were from Anglo Saxon Kingdom of Mercia. The Maternal line were from
the Earl of  Caithness via the Duchess of Albany..

Stephen Grover Cleveland
Rutherford B. Hayes

interestingly both Hayes and Cleveland traced to  Hugh Capet King of France.
Edith of France = Rainier IV Count de Hainaul  via Gilbert de St. Clare, b.
21 Sep 1100, d. 1149.

American Presidents with Royal Blood
U.S. Presidents with Royal Ancestries  George Washington (1) The Adamses
(2/6), Thomas Jefferson (3),James Madison, Jr. (4), The Harrisons (9/23),
Zachary Taylor (12),Franklin Pierce (14), Ulysses S. Grant (18), Rutherford
B. Hayes (19),Stephen Grover Cleveland (22/24),Teddy RooseveltT (26),
William Howard Taft (27),Calvin Coolidge (30), Herbert Hoover (31), Franklin
D. Roosevelt (32), Leslie Lynch King, Jr.
 aka Gerald R. Ford (38), George H. W. Bush (41)


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