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RE: Rosslyn & Research

Dear Neil,
I am very much in accord with your view.  And I think Roy also expressed
this as well.
Information ought to be shared; and being a mason does not translate to
holding back information from others.
In fact the opposite is true.  Masons must be givers, not takers; especially
so, with regard to knowledge.
Information is worth providing to others, as it is with earnest hopes that
the knowledge from all fields of life, once communicated will grow and bring
a deeper understanding on any particular subject to all.
There-in, everyone should have the opportunity to bathe in the light of
understanding, and do with it what they will.

Many of my favorite philosophers express this view.
Specifically, Sir Francis Bacon, who though, being a enigmatic individual,
says of the many different conditions that people will find themselves in,
prevents them from reaching a fuller potential.  But through continuing
self-education, the world becomes a little clearer, never mastered, but
better understood.
In contemporary times, too many of us feel the need to master our
Better to understand them first.

Niven has spoken similarly, in many of his posts.


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From: Neil Sinclair [mailto:rinsin@globalserve.net]
Sent: Sunday, 23 September 2001 11:57 PM

Dear Roy and Joan;

I read and totally agreed with your principal and premise about the openness
of information, especially as it touches members related to this list. John
Liley may be a bit off the mark (with greatest respect to him) on the
concept that if something is Masonic it is hence secret.
I agree from both the perspective of a Mason and a Sinclair and an
individual that has a deep respect for both Rosslyn as an international site
of cultural heritage that Rosslyn architecture is an open ended piece of
research that is still unfolding. But also I am an intelligent individual
who believes "that light and knowledge belong to every generation". That
last quotation was from an individual that was a Mason and the President of
the American philosophical society by the name of Jefferson.

(Clipped post)

Neil Sinclair
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