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Re: Division - Rosslyn & Research?

       Thank you Neil for that message.  I have been proud to be a Master 
Mason since the fall of 1964 and even more so since I have learned more of my 
Sinclair heritage and the important role the Sinclairs have played in Masonry 
and vice versa. All the Masonic and appendant bodies give millions of dollars 
for their great works of charity, etc.  The Order of the Amaranth alone, 
which is a fairly small order gave almost $500,000 this last year to the 
American Diabetes Ass'n for Research.  The Order of the Amaranth is the 
single largest contributor to this vital cause.

       I am please that Masons around the world are interested in Rosslyn 
even though they are not Sinclairs or in many cases not of Scottish Heritage. 
 I am please that a Research Lodge in interested in Rosslyn.  It makes this 
Sinclair even prouder.

       Yours Aye,

       Cousin Ivan D. Lancaster of Trafalgar  (USA)