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Re: Rosslyn & Research

Dear Roy and Joan;

I read and totally agreed with your principal and premise about the openness
of information, especially as it touches members related to this list. John
Liley may be a bit off the mark (with greatest respect to him) on the
concept that if something is Masonic it is hence secret.
I agree from both the perspective of a Mason and a Sinclair and an
individual that has a deep respect for both Rosslyn as an international site
of cultural heritage that Rosslyn architecture is an open ended piece of
research that is still unfolding. But also I am an intelligent individual
who believes "that light and knowledge belong to every generation". That
last quotation was from an individual that was a Mason and the President of
the American philosophical society by the name of Jefferson.
William St. Clair was brilliant and created something so unique, a site that
was a respectful dedication to all religions of the time including
Christianity, Nordic, Celtic and Jewish among others. It is only recently
that it was understood to incorporate many of the Masonic imagery and
symbolism that now links Masonry to the 13th century and before. That it is
important for a multi cultural heritage and makes it important to the
history of many societies but above all an institution that demonstrated the
many valid pathways to God and the design of spiritual art.

Now Masonry is an open society that has a culture centered on morality and
making good men better within the underlying fraternity. There is "no myth
of the Masons", but many mythologies are incorporated in the craft.  One had
only to see the Statue of Liberty last week to understand that many of the
American values are inter twined into Masonic values and the liberal
philosophical approached that dominated the latter half of the 17th century
in many locations throughout the world. They lead up to concepts as freedom
of religion and universal freedom and democracy.  Many good individuals all
through time were Masons, and still are.

It is sad that many Masons really have little appreciation of without a key
understanding of ancient religions, languages, and cultures of what
underlines their ceremonies and symbolism. You may want to know that the
foremost studies of Masonry are in academic Universities and I have never
found anything in a lodge that was not in the public domain in Amazon.Com or
a good library.  Many Masons get confused as to secrecy and the origins of
it. But all that said, let me underline the central importance of what I see
underlying the Rosslyn Chapel.

This is an important  universal celebration of mankind's many approaches to
God. To my mind this makes the importance of Rosslyn unique and puts William
St Clair well up on the list for great thinkers of the ancient era. It is a
perspective that is needed today as much as in the 1400's.  Access to ideas
in never limited, and research is knowledge which all Masons will share as
being a light illuminating the world through time. .

Cheers and blessings to all Sincs in New Zealand !
Neil Sinclair

From: "Joan and Roy Sinclair"

> John your mailing re Rosslyn Chapel is disturbing, I believe that the
Chapel  is open to all, as is financial support, it is not exclusive to any
one  society. The statement that the research and information details will
only  be available to approved Masons perpetrates the myth of the masons and
divides the Sinclair Clan into the haves and the have nots.  As an elder for
50+yrs in the Presbyterian Church I believe in the freedom  of access to
everybody and as a non mason although my late father was, and a> strong
supporter of the Sinclair Clan I feel that my position must be heard  The
Rosslyn Chapel and its problems are of interest to all, particularly as  the
same problem is being experienced in churches here in New Zealand.  A
problem shared is a problem solved.
> Roy Sinclair

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