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RE: US Ambassador in London Article

	yeah, it's ok...probably more enjoyable if you're British...articles
exactly like this are all over Canada, Mexico, France, Australia, and
everywhere else, specific to their country...it's not really propaganda,
although it does serve to stiffen resolve in the various countries that Tier
2 U.S. Dignitaries are making sure know they count...

	Some people had a major identity crisis in Canada when Bush left us out of
his big speech Thursday, But the Minister had it right when he said we don't
do it for public recognition, we do it because of who we are...and Bush and
the U.S. have already publicly thanked us enough...

But insecure Canadians with nothing better to do caused such a flap so the
U.S. went around in the last coupla days making statements in each country
to make sure that no one felt left out...and everyone feels like #1... your
article was one of the results,

Bush is even getting careful (aside form his "Crusade" slip), in his speech
he said that the "U.S. has no better friend than Britain", allowing the
Brits to feel like they're Number One, but also clearly stating by his words
that there are others who are equally valuable and friendly...ie: Mexico and
Canada among others - whether Eurocentrics take Canadians and Mexicans
seriously or not...

	I advise all to read carefully for the foreseeable future,

			be well,

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This is a good article


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