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Catherine St Clair?

I received this from another list today.
As it relates to Catherine St Clair.
Cany anyone comment on this?


I've come across a very useful book by Thierry Leroy entitled "Hugues 
de Payns, Chevalier Champenoise, foundateur de l'Ordre des Templiers" 
(Troyes: editions de la Maison du Boulanger, 1997).  

It's not a large book (165 text pages), and most of it is focused on 
the political backdrop to Hugues' life and the foundation of the 
order, but it is a valuable work in that it ties together what few 
verifiable facts exist about the historical Hugues de Payns taken 
from contemporary sources.

It does give some very useful particulars on Hugues' family, 
particularly his wife, Elisabeth de Chappes.  The first cartulary 
mention of her as Hugues' wife is dated 1113, and it appears that she 
survived him by thirty-four years, dying in 1170.  So much for 
current cottage industry myth that gives the name of Hugues' spouse 
as "Catherine St. Clair".  At least two children were born to Hugues 
and Catherine:  a son, Thibaut, Abbe de Saint-Colombe de Sens, and a 
daughter, Isabelle, wife (1st) of Gui Bordel, and (2nd) of Laurent de 
Vendeuvre.  The seigneurie of Payns was inherited by Isabelle and her 
husband Gui following her father's death in 1136.  Another individual 
called Gibouin, "Vicomte" de Payns, may have been a child of Hugues 
and Elisabeth, although the author theorizes that this individual was 
probably not related to the family, but was an appointee of Count 
Henri of Champagne, as his tenure as "vicomte" of an area including, 
but not limited to the "seigneurie" of Payns, coincided with 
Isabelle's ownership of the actual chateau and farmlands.

Also of note is an entry dated 1244 of a gift given to a man named 
Perrin by Marie, Dame de Payns, witnessed by her uncle and guardian, 
the chevalier Pierre de l'Orme...
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