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Re: Thanks for love and support

Radio and television stations also fell silent across Europe at noon.

London traffic ground to a standstill for a Europe-wide three-minute silence
the great clock bell of Big Ben above the palace of Westminster rang. At 11
a.m. Commons  stood in silence.  Millions in Britain stopped of remembrances
and mourning.

Jacques Chirac attended  a flag ceremony.   Elizabeth R and her Prime
Minister  take part in a special service at St Paul's Cathedral.

Paris underground  drivers halted in stations in an unprecedented action and
asked passengers, over the intercom, to join three minutes of "homage to
America and the victims".

The bells of Notre Dame cathedral rang out across the city, church bell all
over  France joined  then fell silent on the same stroke of noon French

The German Bild newspaper ran a photograph of U.S. planes relieving West
Berlin during the Soviet blockade of 1948-49 under the headline: "Now We
Must Help!"

Blair told parliament, in an emergency debate  that Britain would help
punish the unknown enemies who carried out the "hideous and foul" attacks.

"These attacks were not just attacks upon people and buildings, nor even
merely on the United States of America," he said to cross-party approval.

"These were attacks on the basic values in which we all believe so
passionately, ......."

"In the darkest days of European history, America stood close by us and
today we stand close by America," said Romano Prodi, president of the EU's
executive Commission.

Prodi  stood in silence outdoors in the heart of Brussels  together with
Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, EU foreign policy chief Javier
Solana and the president of the European Parliament, Nicole Fontaine.

The 15 EU leaders have issued a joint statement issued
"The U.S. administration and the American people can count on our complete
solidarity and full cooperation to ensure that justice is done..
These terrible terrorist acts were also directed against us all, against
open, democratic, multicultural and tolerant societies,"


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