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Re: Australian Sinclair

At 14:42 12/09/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>The ship HARMONY arrived  in Hobart 14 January 1829
>Female Convict List Tasmania
>Sinclair  Eleanor prisoner number 70335 Lived at Hanover Square London  Born
>1789  married Robert Graham, 25 Oct 1831

and dont forget the following, found on the internet site
("GENSEEK    Convict Marriages   Tasmania 1844") :
In Accordance with the Act of Council 6th Victoria, No 18,
   I hereby give notice that his Excellency the Lieutenant-
   Governer has been pleased to approve of the solemnization of
   Matrimony between the undermentioned parties:

   Surname         Firstname       to  Firstname   Surname
       Jepson          John            to  Julia       St Clair Newman


Its not disputing how much earlier or anything, just thought it might be of


in Western Australia
Thinking of all Americans, and all families of innocent victims 

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