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Re: Tuesday 11th Sept 2001

God knows how many civilians were killed by whoever in the most gruesome and
coward act ever imaginable... I cried when I heard the news --- WHY?

I have prayed and said our 'Notre Père' (prayer to our father in English? -
excuse my French, I m a little distraught right now...)
So to all of you who have lost family, friends in New York or Washington, I
cn only offer my prayers and my deepest sympathy....

I myself cannot even get news from my old buddy Jeff from Washington because
all the phone lines are too busy...

Now, Montréal too is under an emergency alert because contrary to what the
news say: yes indeed the airport here has been shut down to allow all others
incoming plane originally going to the USA to land in Dorval airport - 4 km
from us... 

God is the only one who knows who and why....


on 11/09/2001 13:36, Dave Sherratt at sherratt@girnigoe.co.uk wrote:

> May I convey my shock and dismay to my friends and relatives in America on
> this tragic day. 
> David Sinclair-Sherratt (UK)
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