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Scottish Military Broadswords

Is your broadsword - the first listed at
http://swordforum.com/fall99/1865.html?  It is described as the 1798
Pattern, "By 1788, Highland Officers (and NCOs) had become quite used to
carrying the basket hilt, even if it had been made illegal for civilians to
do so some 40 odd years earlier in the wake of Cullodon (1746). In the late
18th century hilts were either gilded copper or steel. It was not, however
until 1798 that an official pattern was chosen for highland officers." It
makes no mention of "English Thistle" though.

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> A very interesting sabre is the 'English thistle' it was the first sword
> issued after Drummossie Moor to Scots troops.  It bears a English imprint
> a Scots basket hilt with a straight single blood flute. I acquired one a
> number of years ago.  Mine is  good nick but far from mint. In a catalogue

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