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Clan Sinclair and Nicolas Poussin

Clan Sinclair of Canada published this about me in theit<r last issue of Rosli O Roslin :


About two years ago, your editor was contacted through the Internet by M. Guy Boulianne an art dealer in Montreal. He wrote in english and I replied in my (surprisingly) just adequate high school french. We found that to be the most satisfactory way to communicate as neither of us would be looking for obscure words in the other language.

M. Boulianne shared his great interest in Templar history, the connections between the Merovingians and the families of Chaumont and Sinclair, the mystery of Rennes-le-Château and finally the allegorical interpretations of the great 17th Century painter, Nichola Poussin. Especially as it relates to the subject matter above.

About two months ago, M. Boulianne, sent along an extremly well presented document in wich he outlined his work to date. On the next page, we present his genealogical conclusions, about which he writes :

"The secret of Rennes-le-Château was preserved in the heart of the Merovingian line which provided the lineage for the majority of the southern French nobility. The Sinclairs were allied with the Chaumont Family and this gives rise to the current belief that these two families were assigned some sort of perpetual guardianship over the secret bound up and around Rennes-le-Château. It is not by luck that the Sinclairs and the Chaumonts became known as the carriers of the Oriflamme and proceeded in front of the Kings of France in Royal Processions !"

There is much more in Guy Boulianne’s treatise but some of it is time sensitive and cannot at this time be discussed here. Some involves a Poussin painting the autorship of which is disputed but which Guy is certain is of Poussin’s hand and which he feels radiography will reveal details of certain information on the family and the meaning of Rennes-le-Château.

Niven Sinclair, who, for years, has been the clearing house for this material fas been kept informed ans is "now on the case".

Stay tune for more updates.


It will be a great pleasure for me to participate to the Roslin O Roslin Journal. You can also take a look to my web site where you will find an important file about the mystery of the french painter Nicolas Poussin (http://stop.to/thirdmilleniumgallery).

Thank you,

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