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Re: Rudolph Hess-Rosslyn

What a story.  The Royal Observer Corps is largely eclipsed by the RAF.  The
Royal Observer Corps  suffered  probably it's greatest irritation on 10 May
1941, when Scottish Observers tracked and identified Rudolf Hess, captured
by your Dad. Assistant Observer Group Officer Major Graham Donald had
difficulty in cajoling the RAF in believing that the Observers had
identified Hess's aircraft as a Messerschmitt 110 night fighter.  After the
Observers had pinpoint this man who called himself  'Hauptmann Alfred Horn'
as the Deputy Reichsfuhrer, Rudolf Hess. Officials were cynical, that Royal
Observer Corps officer John H. Sinclair, had caught such a 'big fish'.

Hess had been trying to reach the Duke of Hamilton, to relay to him a
message for Winston Churchill. There is evidence that Hess had earlier tried
to abduct the Duke of Windsor from Lisbon  to Germany, to try to force an
armistice.  Hitler ordered that attempt,  the brisk withdrawal of the Duke
and Duchess of Windsor to the Governorship of the Bahamas stopped the Nazi

What is the truth off Hess's desperate mission? Why the artefacts from
Rosslyn? The truth, what ever it is, died with Hess, or whoever it was at
Spandau Prison in Berlin.

The finger of history writes and moves on pressing gently but firmly another
Sinclair name into it's pages.    What pride you must feel.  Thanks for the

Was it two years ago, was it yesterday, that lunch? I well remember it well.
London's face was washed with a light mist and far from all in the grand
dinning room of the Millennium Hotel we met   You had the only full head of
hair among us, sipping whisky with ice, and the poor waiter as one by one he
took our orders, Sinclair, Sinclair, Sinclair and Sinclair. Our good Earl
laying out his dreams an objectives for the involvement of a wider family.
The sands run through the hourglass each day more rapidly.


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