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Re: Rudolph Hess-Rosslyn

Dear Sinclair,
                    Once again a Sinclair connection.  During WWll my father 
was in the Royal Observer Corps.  Their function was to man observation 
posts, mainly located in semi-remote countryside locations, and to report any 
aircraft activity.  They were trained in engine sounds, as the German planes 
made sounds quite different from those flown by the Allies.  Dad was in a 
location near Arrochar on Loch Long, and had to climb many steps to reach the 
observation post.  One day while on duty he reported seeing a parachutist 
floating down to earth.  That parachutist was later identified as Rudolf 
Hess.  My dad's name John H. Sinclair, has been officially listed as the man 
who is responsible for his capture.  The area he landed in is Campbell 
country and the road past the post is known as the 'rest and be thankful' , 
and leads over the hill to Invarary Castle the Argyle home of the Duke of 
Argyle.  You may remember Sinclair meeting me with my cousin Niven at lunch 
in London two years ago.  All the best, Donald J.H.
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