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Re: Sinclair Places


    Here are some more Sinclair places. 
    There is a Sinclair Road in or near Hampton, Virginia.  The Sinclairs in 
southern Virginia are descended from a famous sea captain.  I think his name 
was John Sinclair.  During the Revolutionary War, he ran the British blockade 
of the southern ports and brought supplies from Barbados to Virginia.  These 
supplies were given to General George Washington for the Continental Army.
     In the eastern part of the large city of Victoria, British Columbia, 
which is on an island, there are: Sinclair Hill, Sinclair Road, and Sinclair 
Bay.  They have to do with the family of the grandfather (father's father) of 
my mother, Mrs. John P. (Ruth Louise Jackson Sinclair) Green of Waltham, 
Massachusetts.  She now lives in Somers Point, New Jersey.
    Her father's father, James Adams Sinclair, was born in Glasgow, Scotland 
in 1837 and his older brother John Sinclair, was born in Glasgow in 1829.  In 
1840 these two young men, their younger sister, Eliza Sinclair, and their 
parents John Sinclair (He was born on St. Helena Island, Glenluce, Scotland, 
but worked as a power loom weaver in a cloth factory in Glasgow,) and Mary 
McArthur Sinclair, emigrated to Hamilton, Ontario Province, Canada.  In 1850 
they entered the United States at Watertown, New York.  The Sinclair family 
ended up in Waltham, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston.  John Sinclair was a 
foreman in a cotton mill in Boston, but he had a fight with his brother, 
James A. Sinclair.  John Sinclair and his wife then moved to Minnesota, where 
he was a farmer.  During the Civil War they and their children sailed down 
the Mississippi River to New Orleans, took a ship from there to Panama, went 
by land over the Isthmus of Panama, and then got on another ship which took 
them to Victoria, British Columbia Province, Canada.  He was one of the first 
settlers in Victoria which is why the places there are named after him.  He 
was a farmer.  The large wooden water tower of his house still stands as do 
the houses he built for his two sons.  John Sinclair died July 25, 1915 in 
Victoria and is buried there.
     In 1994 my husband and I went to Victoria and visited my mother's 
relatives and photographed all the places associated with our Sinclair 
family.  Victoria is a very beautiful and historic city.


Susan M. Sinclair Green Grady
Alexandria, Virginia
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