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William Sinclair, Bishop of Dunkeld


     In the Scottish Banner newspaper for March 2001 on page 28 there is a 
very informative article entitled "The Piety of Sir William Wallace."  This 
article states that about 1314, nine years after Sir William Wallace's death, 
William Sinclair, Bishop of Dunkeld, commissioned John Arnold Blair to write 
down all he knew about Sir William Wallace.
    Recently I read Nigel Tranter's excellent novel The Wallace.  Bishop 
William Sinclair is portrayed as a close friend of Sir William Wallace.  
Bishop Sinclair fought with Wallace and raised other men to fight with him.  
Bishop Sinclair was referred to as "the fighting Bishop."  I would be greatly 
interested in learning more about him if anyone has additional information.
    Thank you.


Susan M. Grady
Alexandria, Virginia
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