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Prince Henry Sinclair

Hello, Sinclairs!

Has anyone else run into a very nice historical novel about Prince
Henry Sinclair called SWORD OF THE NORTH, by one Richard White?  The
book is probably long out of print, but it's quite a nice telling of
Henry Sinclair's story, including how he came to be Jarl of Orkney,
met up with the Zeno brothers, and how a Gunn grave with a sword came
to be left in the New World.  The book was published in 1983 by Pegma
Books, Green Hill Publishers, Inc., Box 738, Ottawa, IL 61350 (815)
434-7905  ISBN: 0-89803-122-2

If you can find it, I do recommend it.  It sat on my nightstand for
several years before I got around to reading it, and now I'm sorry I
waited so long.

Katherine Kurtz

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