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Several thoughts

The biggest thought that springs immediately to mind - that the
Hermandston line might be fully explained in this newest Burke?  Wow!
Truly hope so, I have bookmarked the URL for further search.
Relative to the Salem Witch trials and many other senseless murders in
the name of God and politics. There are people today who very earnestly
propose to others that so and so is less of a "Christian" because so and
so does not act, speak as the earnest person does. So and so winds up
being left out and spoken against by people who do not know but are
willing to accept someone else's word.  That's the easy one.  What is
going on in Zimbawi right now is something else. A mob has been cited
against the people who live there and voted for the present president.
The mob is an unruly mass with no thought only direction which is
proposed so that the mob runs forward to do something that they
individually would not do. No difference between history and now. All
are people, some more emotional than others, some more easily led to
making pain and death by some leader who chooses not to lead from the
front, but from some amorphous center. The leader has something in mind,
but the mob only hears the emotional appeal. It is something that all of
us must fight. Not to let emotional response lead us. (sorry soap box
Was it this emotional response that sent those men/knights off to take
Bruce's heart back to Palestine?  Was the man/men who proposed it
something else in mind rather than returning Bruce's heart?
Certainly looking back, "The Bonny Prince" wanted to return to England
as ruler and seemed quite willing to go with few troops in hopes of
citing the Scots to the idea of their freedom from English rule and have
their own King again. Was his only thought to use the Scots against
themselves in order to regain the English crown?

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