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Change Direction & tidbits

Good Morning!

Well, I'll try and change the topic as well.  (BTW, I am glad that I have 
been unable to check my email lately!)

Guess what I did two weekends ago...  I went to the Darwin family reunion in 
Dayton, TN.  We (approximately 100 of us) attended the Bryant College Drama 
students' reenactment of the Scopes Monkey Trial!  I have a marvelous time 
and met the G2 (or 3, I can't remember the exact number) grandson of Charles 
Darwin.  He is a film-maker and was in town making a documentary of the 
trial reenactment. Apparently, the English find Americans' reaction to the 
whole evolution thing fascinating.  However, speaking of Christian names, he 
was most fascinated by the fact that I have had to suffer being told I was 
going to hell because I was named Darwin. His daughter is named Darwin also 
but it is her third name rather than first like mine.

How does this relate to the Sinclairs? My grandfather Darwin's mother was a 
St. Clair and there is some evidence that his father's father was as well 
(but no one is sure about that.)

Take care and thanks for the articles about Meadowcroft.  BTW, I know Stuart 
Fiedel personally as well as the archaeologists working here in SC at the 
Topper Site.  Stuart argues all the time about anything so I'm not surprised 
he's arguing about Meadowcroft.


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