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Re: Campaign for the Real Reel of the 51st

--- Iain Laird <iain.laird@totalise.co.uk> wrote:
> Dear Cousins
> I have posted before in relation to the forgotten
> valour of the 51st Highland Division which was
> captured at St Valéry-en-Caux on 12th  June 1940
> after putting up a fierce fight. Its numbers
> included many of our Clan and kinsmen. Their
> sacrifice is recalled in the Scottish Country Dance,
> the Reel of the 51st, created by the Highlanders in
> their PW camp in Germany. There is a growing fashion
> for the dancing couple in this famous reel to turn
> each other rather than balancing in line in turn

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

> Yours aye
> Iain

No it isn't, Iain.

I've checked the dances for the upcoming End of Summer
dance in Sebring, Florida.  Reel of the 51st is the
last dance on Saturday night.  Instructions for all
the dances came with the sign-up sheet, and these say
that on 13-14 All balance in line.  If anyone suggests
we change this, I'll be sure to explain why we should

Now my biggest problem is remembering how to do The
Link in Gang the Same Gate.


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