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Moving on to Telba

Love, Respect and Silence......

Moving on.

As we know that France and Scotland kept the old alliance.
The Battle of Telba; where Douglases and Sinclairs alike died as an
entourage for Bruce's heart.
What vexes me, is why they took this route to Jerusalem/Qadosh?

As Tim has written; Spain was part of the pilgrimage roads to St James, but
as Jerusalem was the destination, why not;
sail by ship to Jerusalem, sopping only at port of call?
travel overland more directly through Germany or Italy like the overland

The mention of figting the Moors in Spain at the request of a christain
king, appears as an obvious conflict to the purpose of their mission.  It
just does not sit well with me.  Anyone else feel they same?  How about you
I don't doubt they went and fought and died there.  I just cannot fathom why
they put everything on hold, to go and do this.
As to taking Bruce's heart to Jerusalem; Bill Buhleur has said, and I agree
with him, that it was going to ignite/initiate an energy in Jerusalem;
harness certain forces for the benefit of all.

I suspect that they were acting as embassadors or diplomats to contact and
negotiate with the certain Moor factions.
As the Templars did with Muslim Ismaiilis and others.
Also, since the book of the Grail was brought to the Christain world from
Toledo and was the possession of the Moors, one begins to see more, than has
been actually recorded.
To state the obvious; that the Sinclair family was intwined with the
Templars and their beliefs.
The Grail motifs noted by Andrew Sinclair in his books, on Templar
gravestones; including Sir William Sinclair within Rosslyn chapel.  That a
number of Douglas chapels exist in France also.

So, what were Henry and William Sinclair really doing with Robert the
Bruce's heart in Spain?

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