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Christian names

Just to add another dimension to the Christian name discussion.
>From birth my name was Jenny-Louise. It school and anything formal that is 
what I am called.
Yet although that is my christian name  - we seem to go through our lives 
picking up new names. J,L Jen, JenJens, Jo,
What difference does it make if I use Jen or J.L  - surely I have lost no 
honour in finding a name I am happy to have people call me. I have one 
family friend that calls me Smiler - if I choose to sign my emails Smiler 
would that be wrong? Surely the name I choose to sign is what I am happy to 
have people call me.
Personally I think that the content of the discussions is the important 
thing. Most of us know who Sinclair is when he writes - who else writes with 
such grace and knowledge. I too would be proud to be known as Sinclair 
rather than Jenny.
I do understand your point Lena about genealogical difficulty.

Jean - Please don't give up on the list. Your role with the C.S.A is so 
important. I know you are feeling betrayed and hurt but there are so many on 
the list who enjoy your emails.

Oh yeah - if anyone on the list has a James Sinclair from Latheron married 
to a Margaret possibly MacKay in their lineage please please contact me.

Jenny  N.Z

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