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Re: For Margaret

Hi all,

First off I hope that in the spirit of kinship and the memory of ancestors 
lost we can all be civil to each other. Life is so so short and time spent 
on anger is time that can be used better elsewhere. My uncle died in 
Australia last week and yet again to me it is a reminder of how much we need 
to cherish each day that the sun still shines in our lives.

Just to update those interesed outside of New Zealand. Yup there is snow on 
the low lying hills and it is real - :) I touched it - well okay I threw it 
at my wee sisters and my mum. It has been quite cold in New Zealand and the 
Southern Alps are top heavy with snow. However a few more bright afternoons 
should melt some snow and solve the engery crisis that New Zealand is 
finding itself in. Blackouts are almost to be expected in the near future if 
engery consumption is not decreased and if lake levels do not rise. There 
are some areas of New Zealand that have been in drought conditions still 
lingering over from Summer. The hydro lake levels in the South Island are 
very low especially that of Lake Pukaki and Lake Tekapo.

To all I hope you are in good health and happy.


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