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Re: For Margaret

Dear Margaret:

There are those who talk ON the list, and there are those who talk OFF the
list.  And there are also those who just dip into it once in a while, and
reply when the spirit moves them.  I'm one of the latter.

You may not have been in the loop awhile ago when one of the group posted a
very heartfelt poem written by a person beset by extreme age, and therefore
suffering all of that condition's frustrations—most frustratingly the
inability to express opinions verbally to anyone who might possibly care,
whoever they may be.  The person who posted the poem, I'm sure, had only good
in mind.

One of the "bright lights" of the Sinclair clan decided to post a two-word
response to that posting, and justified it by saying, in as many words, that
he too was old.  I hope he'll excuse me if I get his two words wrong, since I
immediately threw them into my computer's trash, but I think the spirit of
them, in the plain English we all understand, read something like
"sentimental drivel."

It seems you just can't predict what sort of response you'll get--or not
get--in this group discussion.  Make a mistake or two in Latin and a boot in
the face might be your fate, as it was with you.  One day you might say
something and get absolutely no response at all, as it was with me.  The hurt
from each is our own.  I can only say that you should try to find some humor
in it--and some use!

Tim Wallace-Murphy's response to this most recent disturbance has been to
that guy called Labehotierre--not to you.  He tells him that he has "the DOGS
barking again."

I'll just say, for now, that I'm proud to run with YOUR pack—and not with
their's.  They seem to feel they're sitting on a very high place, looking
down, in their priviledged "wisdom," on even their own kin.  I think they
should better employ their time by looking up!  They might find that the dogs
are not so much ahead of the hunt so much as they are nipping at their heels!

My Best!


Margaret Stokes wrote:

> Thank you Bruce,
> Your letter means a great deal to me... particularly as I have no contact
> with those people off the list.
> Fortunately I have met enough people who are worthwhile to overlook such
> others most of the time!
> Kindest regards
> Margaret
> At 09:47 AM 7/31/01 +1000, you wrote:

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