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Re: St.Clair Falls, Sri Lanka

30-45 minutes from Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka is the town of Kandapola, The
location of The St Clair tea plantation's old tea factory now a hotel. The
St. Clair's Tea Center is now in Talawakalee.on the Hatton plain

The 73 metre high St Clairs falls are named after the St Clair family that
grew and exported tea from the days when our Empire spaned the globe.

The falls are one of two in the area.  Nuwara Eliya is reminiscent of the
colonial days and still has a British feel  It is The centre of the
tea-growing industry  in Sri Lanka. The hills are covered with tea plants or
terraced vegetable gardens. The town is  the site of Lion Brewery, biggest
in Sri Lanka. The St Clair tea family had the good sense to start this
brewery.. Surrounded by acres of tea plantations, gurgling brooks and
amazing waterfalls, the Scottish tea planting St Clair family of the 1800s
lived in splendor of what they must of thought was the Garden of Eden, the
hill town of Nuwara Eliya. Only  a tall glass of good beer was missing  to
help pass  the chilly evenings.  Sir Samuel Backer, with St Clair Tea money,
set up Sri Lanka's first brewery, the Ceylon Brewery at the foothills  of
Nuwara Eliya's most famous waterfall, the Lovers Leap (St Clairs falls).

I am for anything that makes beer cheaper, women warmer in the winter and
the roads safer.


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