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Campaign for the Real Reel of the 51st

Dear Cousins

I have posted before in relation to the forgotten valour of the 51st Highland Division which was captured at St Valéry-en-Caux on 12th  June 1940 after putting up a fierce fight. Its numbers included many of our Clan and kinsmen. Their sacrifice is recalled in the Scottish Country Dance, the Reel of the 51st, created by the Highlanders in their PW camp in Germany. There is a growing fashion for the dancing couple in this famous reel to turn each other rather than balancing in line in turn across the set, to represent the arms of the Saltire, St Andrew's Cross, the badge of the 51st Highland Division in 1940, and  Scotland's national symbol.  

Is this a worldwide phenomenon?

Breaking the cross by turning with a flourish rather than balancing in line may be considered not just a flouting of tradition but somehow approaching disrespect for a War Memorial.  

Let us try to maintain and restore this lovely dance and its poignant tradition. To assist this I have set up a web page my website to highlight the correct steps and the history behind the dance.  It links from the home page at www.iain-laird.co.uk . 

Please have a look!  If you approve, youcan forward the page's details to your friends.  Spread the word and let us work to keep the dance as it should be and keep its memory safe!

Yours aye