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Re: Secret Scroll

July 17, 2001

Dear Bill:

Although Iain Laird's link shows a fine image of a  PIECE of the Kirkwall
Scroll, with much of interest shown in it, it does not show the COMPLETE
scroll.  Much more of the scroll, perhaps the complete scroll, can be viewed in
Roslin Chapel's masonic exhibit, which is located above the gift shop (I recall
that the stairs are somewhere near the toilets).  The scroll is at the far end
of the exhibi--and is a framed print of what I take to be the complete
scroll--large enough to see great detail.  Perhaps Andrew or Niven might know
where a downloadable graphic of that print can be found--or perhaps the print
can be purchased--since I'm sure there are more than just us who feel that the
scroll may have an individual thing or two to say to them.  I meant to ask in
the gift shop (when I was there in May) if the print had been reproduced in
saleable quantities, but forgot--much to my regret.  But I do know that it
wasn't for sale in the shop when I was there.  I was rushing to Temple to read
again the inscription on the Dundas grailstone that I told the group and Tim
Wallace-Murphy about the other day.  I don't know if Andrew is a member of the
discussion group, although I would imagine that he would be.  If he's not,
perhaps you'd be so kind as to forward my Dundas grailstone email to him, since
I know he's interested in such things.  I wouldn't know what Niven thinks, of
course, but am awaiting Tim's thoughts on the matter.

All Best for Now!

Jeff Nisbet
"Reader of the Lost Stone"

PS: If you do find out that a good print of the scroll IS for sale, I'd
appreciate you letting me know.

"William S. Buehler" wrote:

> Subject: request for Scroll reproduction
> Dear Sinclair Friends,
> I am anxious to find a reproduction of the Scroll large enough to see
> details ...little help please? I'll cover any expense ... reasonable
> expense. (If any response please contact me directly at roslinne@fone.net. )
> I've seen the Scroll in one of Nivens' videos and attempted to do a rough
> survey of it from a TV screen. Although this was very crude it still was
> adequate to show probable geometric connective interactions between its
> internal groupings of figures, et al. I think that it needs to be viewed as

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