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Re: Gnosticism and the Roman Catholic Church

Dear Anderson;
It must be my day for doing more than "ghosting on the list" which I do read

I liked your comments on Gnostic approaches. I particularly noted the
following; " I agree Freemasonry is certainly not non-Christian as well as
being anti-evil in concept. But its' roots are unclear. I think that to
know where you come from means a better chance of knowing where you  are
going to, let alone what you are. To term something an ideal does not  mean
it is ideal....To understand even an ideal one needs to know the roots.One
of the clear truths of life is evil. But even the root of this is

Indeed the importance of study, historical and otherwise is one of my pet
themes, for the very purposes you suggest, it is understanding at its root.
This entails an approach that is multidisciplinary in nature, and
questioning in approach to find greater "light" "knowledge" or "wisdom".
>From the Sinclair heritage, this is what makes Roslyn unique and special. It
is because of the combination of mythical stories, symbolism and traditions
that were studied and incorporated therein. One could even involve the
cultural and mythological archetypes of Jung who incidentally also was a
Gnostic student. I do not go so far as Roslyn being a temple to Gnosticism
in so much as it embodies the Gnostic and esoteric traditions along with
many other myths and religious traditions including Christian.

It searching for the roots we return to the mixing pot of the source of
religious traditions in the middle east, and in that study go far as to
suggest that themes, traditions and commonality of conceptual questioning
makes a student of theology or anthropology recognize that ideas over lap,
traditions borrow from one another, and the questions remain constant in

Neil Sinclair
Toronto/PEI/Forever Argyll
(PS I put current location, families genealogical connection and roots in
order to help others that might link in.)

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