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Re: new to Clan web

I do???  You mean I have arrived and didn't even know it??  :-)
Thanks for your help,

Cousins, I (think) have been neglectful in mentioning to you that those
wonderful pictures of Lee Sinclair's 8th wonder came to us through the
author, Bud Ginn Commissioner of VA.  who used his nifty new digital camera
to capture them.
if you haven't done it yet go to www.clansinclairusa.org  "history"  then in
5th column click on "Old Yours Aye Articles"   and scroll to the bottom and
click on the Lee Sinclair article.  Only the pictures are there to
suppliment the Yours Aye you should have in your possession with your

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> Laurel, You did a great job with the photos; you don't need any help
> because you know your stuff.
> Bud
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