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Fw: Toes report

    I have only heard from about 15 of you with this toe situation.  If you
have looked at the chart at :
http://www.gpc.peachnet.edu/~jaliff/anagene.htm  you see that the "Celtic"
long toe is dominant and the English toe is recessive.   Either they mixed
up their chart, or we don't understand what they mean by longness of the
second toe, or else you aren't really researching this project with proper
seriousness.   :-)

Anyway I thought that the Toe people might like to see what each other has
been saying:
Here is the beginning of the poem again:

Do my toes grow
in a straight Saxon row,
Or have I the large
Celtic second toe?"
So. (laurel's)..
Now I feel vindicated
After years of mirth
My toes, must have
a noble Celtic birth.

Messages now appear below:
Me too...

I have often wondered
why my toes
do not grow
in straight Saxon rows
I now feel very proud
That I belong to the noble Celtic crowd

Rufus Sinclair
Down here in Arizona
> >===================================
Laurel,  I don't think this is nonsense, try to find out some more traits of
our Celtic Heritage.  After reading your e-mail, I had the wife double check
and sure enough my second toe is a good 1/2 " longer than my big toe.  Now
> >this is after wearing shoes for 60 years, part of the time shoes with
> >steel-toes.  We liked your topic, was good for a laugh, keep up the good
> >work.  Sincerely,  Dave and Lorraine Seibert
> >yep yep...my second toe is longer than my big toe.  I always thought i
> >had wierd toes. my daughter also has longer 2nd toes then the big toes.
> >
> >Debbie Ly
> >=========
> >Cuz Laurel ..... wonders never cease! hahaha!  Yep, my second toe is
> >than my big toe.  This was "supposed" to give me trouble when I used to
> >a lot.  Actually I never noticed a problem.  It is clearly longer and has
> >been a joke with my family.  I think that it is also referred to as
> >Toe, however, I don't know where I picked that up from.
> >
> >I love it!  Thanks for this e-mail!!  I'm going to clip that little poem
> >and put it on my bulletin board.  <g>
> >
> >Cousin  Mel Sinclair
> >North and South Carolina Commissioner
> >Clan Sinclair, USA, Inc.
> >
> >*****************************************
> >Mine are and so are all three of my kids.  My wife with a German
> >has straight toes.
> >bob gilbert
> >======
> >Laurel, YES.  A triumphant shout. I have them too and so did my Dad.
> >of my children do, but my husband doesn't.
> >I'll have to check through the family, mine and extended, to find out who
> >else.
> >                 Jean Stokes.
> >= Yes, I have the Celtic toes.  I was teased as a child about them.
> >just
> >a Sinclair thing.
> >=====================
> >Hello Laurel,
> >
> >most definitely my second toe is longer and so is Mum's and I think most
> >us in my family have a longer second toe... my son does as well!  So I
> >think there must be some truth to it... and shoes are still a bane! :)
> >
> >Margaret
> >=====================
> >
> >Dear Laurel
> >
> >I believe the 2nd toe being longer is the majority trend - both Annabel
> >I have this and she is half Saxon!  Have a look at
> > http://www.gpc.peachnet.edu/~jaliff/anagene.htm
> >
> >But in addition I have a broad foot with a high instep - and this is
> >definitely Scandinavian!
> >An interesting discussion thread!
> >Yours aye,   Iain Laird
> >============
> >That's  a great poem.  It's so nice to know how "proper" my longer second
> >toe is now.  This has made me happy.
> >Thanks,  Kathy Sinclair Trappen

My five month old daughter, Lauren Grace, has the long second toe on her
left foot.During the ultrasound we could see it plain as day.

Goodbye from Northern New York
Darian Sinclair
Hello Laurel, this is Sally Spangler.  , my toes have always
been small. After wearing socks and stockings that tended to push
against my toes, except for the big toe, my toes are all curled under.
If I sit and work at it, the second toe would be longer than the others,
instead it is curled under more than the others giving me foot problems.
regards, Sally
Laurel, I hesitated to reply to your toes query, figuring somebody was
our legs....however, if it matters, my daughter and I definitely have a
second toe--but I thought the Sinclairs were Norse/Norman, not Celtic!  I
usually mention it because my sister-in-law has always bragged about her
second toe, which she claims is proof that she is descended from the ancient
Irish kings.  I felt she might feel hurt if she knew we shared that trait.
luck on your informal study.
Kay  Garrison

> >

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