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Samuel Sinkler or St. Clair

Dear Robert,
   I don't believe that I have the information on your Samuel St. Clair
unless he was using this spelling of the name then???

Samuel Sinclair b. 10 May 1762 Nottingham, NH
Mechanic, Died at Saratoga 7 Oct. 1777
Sally Perkins & Fanny Bigalow Edson

If you have another Samuel from the Rev. War, please send the details so
that I can list him on www.clansinclairusa.org  along with other soldiers.

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> Mr. Quarterman.
>        I read your tribute to Jefferson and the American Declaration of
> Independence.  That one message from makes me proud to be a descendent of
> Samuel St. Clair ... proud to be a member of the Sinclair Digest readers

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