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, Havana mid-18th C

   I have a book called "Chronicle of America"   that tells year by year,
historical events.  we have  "Feb. 15, 1762.  British seize
Martinique, major French base in lesser Antilles.

Cuba, Aug. 12, 1762.  British capture Cuba from Spain after two-month siege
ending on Oct. 5th.    I am thinking that this is the conflict that I should
be looking into.  It is probable that the family legend got off a year.  So
where is there information about this battle and is there a way to get a
list of the English (Irish?) killed in the battle?
>    Is there anyone who has information about the British army/navy in
> Havanna in 1761?
> Just what was going on there on Aug. 1761?  I had an ancestor killed
> while he was not a Sinclair, 10 of his descendants married St. Clairs.
>    Laurel
> I'm hoping to stumble upon info on this time period as well...a couple of
> Oak Island books refer to the sacking of Havana by the British in 1762
> a couple of other dates btw) as a source for the theoretical
> "treasure"...It's not immediate/important so I haven't exactly ransacked
> cupboards, but I'd enjoy more info about the time period as well...
> be well,
> rob

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