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More photos of Scotland

I have just updated my web site by adding about 360 new images of Scotland 
and reorganizing that section.  Go to: http://users.ev1.net/~rhuseth/   and 
on the "Scotland" thumbnail.

For Sinclair fans, there are no new photos of Rosslyn Chapel (now under 
"Churches") and no new images of Rosslyn Castle (now under "Castles"), but 
there are additional photographs of Caithness and a few of Wick (under 
"Towns/Cities").  Also there are additional photos of the Palace of 
Holyroodhouse (under "Palaces") and Holyrood Abbey (under "Churches"), both 
of which have many connections to the Sinclairs.   For those with interest 
in the Sinclairs of Argyll, there are more images of Glen Orchy (under 

Perhaps of more general interest are photos of Edinburgh, Inverness, and 
Stirling under ("Towns/Cities").

As always, if you see errors in the captions or have suggestions for new or 
modified captions, please send me an e-mail.

Richard Huseth
Austin, Texas

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