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Re: Reply to Lena

The absolute last thing this group needs to do is to try and fight the War 
Between The States again.  It has been done to death and there is no winner 
on either side.  There have been injustices since the beginning of man and 
probably before and we cannot go back and make them right at this point.  The 
most any of us can do is to take each at face value and use the old golden 
rule to guide us.  Maybe I have taken offense where none was intended but I 
am sick to death of those who would beat the South with a brickbat forever,  
we were not the only slaveholders in this world and although most of us alive 
today understand the awfulness of that situation we can do nothing about it 
nor would our apologies make up for what suffering was experienced.  Too much 
said already  Best to all, Charlotte Gellis of Virginia
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