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Alexander and Janet Sinclair

I joined this mailing list to try and find some of my Sinclair ancestors. So far, I seem to have run up against a brick wall. Someone on the list gave me the names of my ancestor Isabella Sinclair's parents, Alexander and Janet Sinclair. I have since learned, through Family Search, that Janet's maiden name was Sinclair, married 14 Dec. 1782 in Olrig, Caithness,  that they had at least three children, all born in Olrig, Caithness-Eliza. b. 4 Sept. 1787, Janet b.22 March 1790,   Isabella, b. 28 June 1792. Isabella married Innes Reid, who later moved to Prince Edward Island, Canada. Isabella might have died by this time, at least she did not travel to Canada with him. Does anyone have any infornmation on this family?  I would love to be able to find Alexander's and Janet's parents and siblings.

New Brunswick