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Ben Wyvis Kilts

A new Hunting Sinclair kilt skirt arrived today for Annabel, whose birthday
it is.  We can really recommend Ben Wyvis kilts of Inverness, run by two
ladies,  who responded quickly to our order with great craftsmanship, at
reasonable cost, and just in time by special mail delivery.  Unlike the
industrial kilt makers they are low profile, occupying the room above a wool
shop in Church Street. We were introduced to them by a friend of mine from
university days who lives in Inverness, as they would not otherwise be easy
to find.  I have placed a link to their web page on the links page on our
site.  They have now produced all nearly all our requirements, except that
our 6 year old has just said she would like a Red kilt skirt for the
evening! But remember the Clan Trust should be able to supply all your
Sinclair Tartan requirements!

Yours aye



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