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Re: StClair war deaths

Dear Charlotte:

    Sorry it so long to respond, we been having bad whether here in Florida.
My middle name is Phillip.  I am named after my father.  My Grandfather's
name is John Meadow St. Clair.  My Great Grandfather name is James Meadow
St. Clair.  As best as I figure out his father's name is William P. St.

    I do not know the name of the cemetery in Christainburg.  But it is a
very big one.  I assume it is the main cemetery in town.  Now I'm going back
many years, but I believe my Grandfather lived on a road called Tower Road.
The last time I was there was 1985.  It came out near an over pass on the
main street going through town.  At any rate there is a couple of small
cemeteries on what used to be his land.  One you can see from the road and
another was behide a white house in the back yard.  This house is where my
step grandmother used to live after my Grandfather died in 1961.  The house
is up from a green shingled house on the left hand side of the road.
However, much time has passed since the last time I was there.  My step
grandmother died shortly after I saw her in 1985.  These cemeteries I am
speaking of had many St. Clairs and Walters buried in them.  I remembering
being told they were related to me but they where not real close relation.
It might be some of your relations.  My gradfather had a lot of land down by
Falling Branch.  I have been told there is cemeteries in that area with St.
Clairs in it.  I hope to come up that way later this summer and try and find
out more about my family.  When I do I will have more exact information
about these other St. Clair graves.  If you are interested I will send you
anything and everything I find out.

    If you have any information that would be helpful or interesting please
pass it on to me when you get a chance.


John P. St. Clair
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> Dear John P., What pray tell is your middle name?  Many of my grandfathers
> siblings were born in Eggleston and he had a brother named John (not
> and my grandfather was Charles Pendleton.  I will look for your ancestors
> graves if you know the cemetery name as my mother now lives in

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